Friday, September 5, 2008

Word is Bawn!-Wear Yo' Kicks, B!

Before I relocated to Chicago in January, I sold pretty much my entire sneaker collection, and now that I'm settled into the Southside, it's time for the re-up. I am a collector, but I don't collect to hoarde or be exclusive...I wear all my joints! I never quite understood how some of these sneakerheads can buy sneakers, only to put them in the closet, never to be seen again. Thats like collecting Beanie Babies®, and you see where that went. Those things are pretty much worthless today. To me, the ill sh*t, is to pull out a pair of kicks from the closet and have a great story to tell about the times you wore them. Telling a story about how many days you sat out in front of NikeTown to get a pair of sneakers that you really didn't like, so you never wear them, could never be that interesting.

Like the time I wore the AF1-Linen/Atmosphere's with the pink POLO top,and basically MURDERED catz on the block when I stepped outside...or when I wore them again to Downtown Disney in Cali and dudes was runnin up on me askin where'd I cop? Everytime I pull them out the closet, even though I no longer wear AF1's, and these are all wrinkled up at the toe, like 1's normally do, they bring back memories!


The Incomparable Shakespeare said...

I feel the same way about wannabe Lo -Heads. So many collectors. I rocked every piece I owned. My Polo cookie boots are a mess because I played ball in them...yes, I played ball in them. To me, cats that do that might as well build a shrine for their kicks, gear, or whatever if they're not gonna rock it.

Nu Jerooz said...

Shake, cats these days wouldn't think of rockin' the gear they spent money on...unless its some sneaker pimp party or something.

Dallas said...

I live for pulling some shit out of my archive when I have the meanest outfit to rock from head to toe.

I came up on some late winter sales this March and I can't wait for the temp to drop so I can go out hard.

Is that pic from your past archive? True story is that my living room is washed in orange paint too and I have three metal shelves stocked with kicks.

Its a sickness, and a lifestyle. I love it.

Nu Jerooz said...

Yeah, and now I'm down to 5 pairs...but I'm finally in a position to get my weight back up...listen to me, soundin' like a fiend!LOL The sneaker sales here in Chicago are beat, so I cant wait to go back and visit NJ/NY next month to get to my spots and cop some thangs!