Tuesday, September 2, 2008

WORD IS BAWN-Brush Yo' Teef, B!!

Went to the dentist just before the holiday weekend-I had whats called a crown lengthening...This thing hurts like hell and they told me that it would hurt like this for 2 weeks(!?!?!)WTF, but when I saw dudes grill, I can't go out like that....WORD IS BAWN! At this very minute, stop whatever the hell you're doing, and BRUSH YO' TEEF! not now, but right now!!...and stay away from the Pudding Pops, B!


hiphopmuse said...

damn, dude's grill makes you want to take care of your dental situation, stat!

thanks for stopping by my blog!

Nu Jerooz said...

The way my mouth feels right now, I wanna go to the dentist's office and just slap the piss out of 'em! but everytime I look at this pic, I have to rethink the plan.