Thursday, September 11, 2008


I remember it like it was yesterday, because before this day, I never was a big fan of POLO.
I'm headed to BK to go to the now defunct Albee Square Mall. A lotta cats would put their orders for gear in with me, 'cause most Jersey Shore cats would only know midtown Manhattan and way too shook to go to BK. Once I got off the train @ DeKalb, I walk upstairs, got to the street, and there they were...a crew of about 20 cats, all wearing this same shirt. The first thing that got me, was that it was early 1991, and these dudes were ahead of curve with the 1992 joint. 2nd thing was that they all had brand new matching kicks on too. Compelled to know where they copped, I asked one of the brothas where'd they get them. He told me they came up on like a truck load, and then asked if I wanted one. Ha! If you got XXL, I'm wit' it! Dude coulda charged $200.00, and it woulda been all good wit me, but reached in his backpack and he gave it to me for $25. When I came back home, I wore it to a party that night (this could not wait!). Cats just spazzed the f*ck out, and my Lo' addiction started.
I still like some of the new POLO stuff (minus that Big Pony), but not like the golden era. The colors, the concepts, the quality - all were top notch. Thats why you see Lo' heads pullin' out sh*t from the early 90's and still looks crispy and up to date. Nowadays, theres so many other brands out there that are exceptional, its difficult to stay loyal to just one, but none match that 1992 sh*t. It's the most jacked style to date.


The Incomparable Shakespeare said...

The Stadium line was so crazy. Its easily one of Ralph's most favored collections. I was so young that I never had any pieces from it, but I still "fiend out" for it. BTW, ur on my blogroll. 1

Nu Jerooz said...

Thats whats good Shake....I gotta get your music on my blog,B!

The Incomparable Shakespeare said...

whats funny is I just posted videos from Zhigge, who used to kill the Lo pieces in their videos. Holla at em, I got you with the music.

Vee (Scratch) said...

That shirt alone brings back memories. Albee Square Mall is dead.

Do you know how many rappers got robbed out there.

Nu Jerooz said...

Vee, anybody that came around downtown BK, just flossin' a lil' bit, and you were dolo or with a weak were gettin' got fa' sho!

Dallas said...

I love that Rugby. Thats why my ex stole my joint too. My shit was a XL and the way it was cut I might could almost queeze into it now.

Okay, maybe not.

My archives are still bananas though.

Nu Jerooz said... mighta been one of them cats that sold me the shirt! Let me know your size, B. I might have something for ya'!

Dallas said...

If you down for deal that is whats up. I'm XXL now on my good days on my bad days I go Big & Tall. The Tall not too much, def the Big.

Just know that I had to jack your swag for a drop today. Duck Down is having a concert titles a Tribute to Classics

Nu Jerooz said...

DP I'm with you on the Big & Tall, I'm the same size, B.
Tribute to the classics? oh, fa'sho>>> This is the BCC!