Saturday, September 6, 2008


In the fashion game, theres only a few cats that push the boundaries so far, that you can't imitate. Yall know what I'm talking about, some style that if anybody else would attempt copy, it would just look like hot gahbij! Ghost is that dude. The crazy jewelry(with the eagle armpiece alone, he stays winnin'), the robes, the Kangols, and the Clark Wallabees. I've seen cats do all three of these things separately before Ghost did it, but the Wally Champ combined all of them and styled on ya'. Even wearin' this crazy stuff, he never seems like a buffoon. It's almost like he's supposed to have this sh*t on. He's one of my top 5 MC's, and probably one of the most entertaining dudes out there.

Mighty Healthy

The World According to Pretty Toney
STYLE DONS-is a section of this blog where we recognize people that changed the game of fashion or basically know just how to SPLASH on cats! (ll) I'll be adding these from time to time.

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