Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Word Is Bawn! Protect Ya' Kicks!!

Big up to Pete Dzuban, who I met yesterday in the Corner Bakery™ downtown. BTW, If you'e ever in the midwest, stop in this place and cop ANYTHING. The baked goods are top notch fa' sho! Pete works for this high end cardboard company in the Chicago suburbs. High end cardboard!?!?!? WTF is that? He designs archival boxes for museums, for storing old bones, Cain and Abel's wifebeaters, King Tut's truck jewels, etc. Pete does not collect anything, nor does he have he desire. But this cats knowledge on the archiving and the safe storage of things, like say, clothing and sneakers is, for lack of a better term, vast. The things that he explained to me may have me just f*ckin' change the game on yall.

I told him about my collection of things- comics, trading cards, clothing, and sneakers, and how I stored them. He told me that I'm slowly destroying everything that I've amassed by leaving them the way that they are. Firstly the sneakers should be taken out of the boxes, and the tissue paper. Thats whats making the soles all yellow and sh*t, the acids in the cheap cardboard and tissue paper. The clothing should be taken out of the plastic bags too. The plastic is killing the gear. As the conversation went on, this dude had me wanting to just make the mad dash to the crib and take all my joints outta the box...early!

Now peep the business model.

With the onslaught of sneaker hoarders who collect high end goods that they've stood in line for days on end to purchase, the packaging that the shoes and hats come on is horrible and downright detrimental to the product. What if I create a high end acid free cardboard archiving system, with boxes to fit sneakers - high top and low, and baseball caps and shirts with a clear plastic slot on the front of each box to place a picture of the shoe, so that the box isn't opened repeatedly. And a giant box for separate storage of the original shoe and hat packaging. Let's say I'd splash out the boxes with a mean, uniform color, that'll give your closet a really polished look.


As Pete and I brainstormed, the ideas started to get ill! You know that feeling you get in the pit of your gut when you think you may really be onto something? well, I got that yesterday. My new homey Pete said he would point me in the right direction as far as the science and manufacturing in the R&D of this thing....Word is Bawn! i'm getting that feeling as I type this...gotta do more research...

Sneaker Fiends, collectors, Lo' Heads...I'm taking the ball and runnin' with this one---let me know your thoughts on this!
Good looks on that Pete, I'll definitely be at the party Friday!


Dallas said...

This was a revelation. I need to know how to store my soft goods. I thought that plastic was the way.

I'm stuck right now.

Nu Jerooz said...

Trust me D, I thought the same thing. But until I get this business thing started,I think I'm gonna start putting my shirts in those long comic book boxes, my man Pete tells me that those are ok