Thursday, September 11, 2008


Word is Bawn! yallreadyknowwhatitiz, when you miss that boat on a pair a kicks, just because when it was released, ya' money was funny? OR you just thought it would be around for a minute? then, you're ready to cop and everywhere you look for it it's "we only have that in a size 7". Sound familiar? Well these are just one of those pairs that I missed out on, and I look forward to NIKE re-releasing it. Lemme know what kicks you missed out on, and ya' never know with this internet. Somebody may have it to trade or sell.
A young lady in Finland had a pair of Air Terra Humaras (My 2nd favorite shoe) that I couldnt find anywhere. I had a Levi jacket that she wanted that wasn't half as valuable as the brand new kicks. Before I even sent the jacket, she sent those kicks in three days and left a note saying that she knew I loved sneakers and that I didn't have to send the jacket, just pass on the love. Now if she were here in the states, I'd smash just on the strength of lookin' out for a cat. But for the kind gesture, I sent the used jacket and a new one just like it. While the jacket was no comparison to what she gave, I do believe in karma, so I'll do the same for one of yall. Which clothes or pair of kicks is a MUST OWN for you?


Dallas said...

D Jerz,
what is your shoe size? I might could have some shit for you.

Dallas said...

Oh, and yeah, I was a super Agassi stan since the ATC-2 dropped. This was when I had the paper to buy two pairs of shit. Nothing was better for me than to pull some shit from my icebox two years later to bust heads.

Nike makes too much shit now. I be holding my Air Max 95 on ice and then Nike re-issues them a year later.

Niggas can't appreciate my steez.

Nu Jerooz said...

DP, between Nike reissuing sh*t too fast and the bootleg factor, I'm not sure whats worse. The neon AM95's are in my top 10. The colorway and the comfort was sooo ahead of the game...nutz! but with all this bootlegging out here, it's just diminishing the value of 'em...but I still want another pair!LOL

These Agassi's were straight fireworks and I slept on 'em.

I wear size 11