Sunday, September 28, 2008


Ha! I wanted to give these kicks the proper respect, so I had to go in and learn how to type the "Ü" symbol before wrote this. These joints are FIRESTARTERS fa' sho! Adidas teamed up with Crooked Tongues to create these luxurious lookin' neck breakers created to commemorate the German Oktoberfest. The colorway is Sand / Light Scarlet / Expresso / Chalk and so fedora & lederhosen! Available @ the Crooked Tongue® website. So I had to cop. With only 300 pairs available @ 88.00 I had to cop these from the UK.

Today's Kick Picks-NIKE SB DUNK - BOBA FETT

These right here will get you on your Star Wars bounty hunter sh*t right quick. What more can you say about 'em...they come in the bossy ass Boba Fett colorway. These are a must have in your arsenal. Soon to drop at Premium SB accounts, meaning you'll more than likely have to stand in a long ass line to cop.

Cafe Bustelo- YAHOO! x PONY (WTF?)

Welcome to Cafe Bustelo, where we showcase gear that is straight hot gahbij...on sight makes you yell, "what the f*ck is that?". This Yahoo! and Pony collab is just utterly trash. From the giddy up, Pony always made horrible kicks. This monstrosity is part of Yahoo's Celebrate Purple campaign, a campaign that Yahoo recently began which urges the public to celebrate the color Purple for it's energy and Limited Edition at $54.00, you better act fast...Ha!

Friday, September 26, 2008


Word is Bawn! This jacket brings back so many memories...taking those out-of-town trips, and straight stylin' on cats....layered up in Lo' !!! This was when Ralph Lauren would get so obnoxious with the designs, but we loved that. You wore your polo like a badge of honor, and the louder the piece was, the more cats wanted it. So coming out the house with something like this one on your back, there was some serious risks involved. Ha! if only I could fit this one now.....

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

UPPER PLAYGROUND-N8 Van Dyke "PayDay" figurine

I'd never seen the two that Upper Playground released earlier this year, but when I saw this one and I HAD to COP. Illustrator N8 Van Dyke created this bread and burner toting Animal-Thug figurine, complete with detachable walrus mask. N8 is ill with the illustrations (Juxtapoz, IronMan video game), so its only right he comes wit it on the vinyl medium. Available at Upper Playground


"How do you market a rapper with a 4.0!?!?"

I've only witnessed a few cats break down the science of MC'ing...I mean really go in and disect lyrics to give you a clear understanding of rhyming compositions: KRS-1, Rakim, Can-I-Bus, Elzhi, and now Brooklyn's own, the Incomparable Shakespeare. Shake is clearly the thinking man's MC, with joints like the ode to Brooklyn, "King's County", and the homage to that early 90's nostalgia, "Fresh", and my new favorite joint, "Hater".

Not only is Shake an ill MC, this cat is a Style Don, and fellow Lo' Head.

Pay Attention!

I MUST OWN THIS! - 10 DEEP - 5 Panel Cap

Some new sh*t for the fall, from 10 DEEP™ . These cats killed it with this accessory the 5 panel cap is a staple in my wardrobe, and most times, I splash 'em with the solid color Canal St. joints. The 5 panels made by SUPREME just don't move me, but these joints right hur? with the dark color glen plaid and cropped logo hit on the sides? I must cop all of em!

Today's Kick Picks- Nike Clima-Fit Terminator

Nike ACG stays winning once again, with the Terminator/ACG fusion, with the Clima-Fit fabric. I never really cared for Terminators, and I sure as hell don't like the first installments of the fusions,but I've always been a stan for the ACG line, and this combo brings 'em both together quite nicely. The Black/charcoal/pink ones are Firestarters, fa' sho!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Word Is Bawn! Protect Ya' Kicks!!

Big up to Pete Dzuban, who I met yesterday in the Corner Bakery™ downtown. BTW, If you'e ever in the midwest, stop in this place and cop ANYTHING. The baked goods are top notch fa' sho! Pete works for this high end cardboard company in the Chicago suburbs. High end cardboard!?!?!? WTF is that? He designs archival boxes for museums, for storing old bones, Cain and Abel's wifebeaters, King Tut's truck jewels, etc. Pete does not collect anything, nor does he have he desire. But this cats knowledge on the archiving and the safe storage of things, like say, clothing and sneakers is, for lack of a better term, vast. The things that he explained to me may have me just f*ckin' change the game on yall.

I told him about my collection of things- comics, trading cards, clothing, and sneakers, and how I stored them. He told me that I'm slowly destroying everything that I've amassed by leaving them the way that they are. Firstly the sneakers should be taken out of the boxes, and the tissue paper. Thats whats making the soles all yellow and sh*t, the acids in the cheap cardboard and tissue paper. The clothing should be taken out of the plastic bags too. The plastic is killing the gear. As the conversation went on, this dude had me wanting to just make the mad dash to the crib and take all my joints outta the box...early!

Now peep the business model.

With the onslaught of sneaker hoarders who collect high end goods that they've stood in line for days on end to purchase, the packaging that the shoes and hats come on is horrible and downright detrimental to the product. What if I create a high end acid free cardboard archiving system, with boxes to fit sneakers - high top and low, and baseball caps and shirts with a clear plastic slot on the front of each box to place a picture of the shoe, so that the box isn't opened repeatedly. And a giant box for separate storage of the original shoe and hat packaging. Let's say I'd splash out the boxes with a mean, uniform color, that'll give your closet a really polished look.


As Pete and I brainstormed, the ideas started to get ill! You know that feeling you get in the pit of your gut when you think you may really be onto something? well, I got that yesterday. My new homey Pete said he would point me in the right direction as far as the science and manufacturing in the R&D of this thing....Word is Bawn! i'm getting that feeling as I type this...gotta do more research...

Sneaker Fiends, collectors, Lo' Heads...I'm taking the ball and runnin' with this one---let me know your thoughts on this!
Good looks on that Pete, I'll definitely be at the party Friday!

THE MASH OUT- Vintage Polo X Adidas Oregon

This here is an official 1992 piece from the archives. It'll be gettin' a little chilly here in the Chi in a minute, so its time to break out the fall sh*t. I may splash this one out with the Adidas Oregons...Brazil Release piece

Today's Kick Picks - Nas X Fila -- WuTang X Fila

As yall know, I'm trying to get my sneaker game back on schedule. This go-round, I'm looking to diversify my stash house with some sh*t other than Nike and Adidas. Fila has officially stepped up the game plan by inking deals with some of hip hops rap legends. First, in July with NY rap general, Nas and just recently with legendary group, Wu Tang clan, to produce hot kicks for the fall/winter season. These boots are def raw deal, with the subtle Wu Logo hit...and they waterproof!?!?!The official Queensbridge representer, NAS, comes through heavy, with the Italia™. These come with the ill Fila classic style with the colors Navy/Red/White, with a updated twist to 'em with the patent hit.....I'm lovin' what Fila did with these joints.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

THE LO' DOWN- "Same damn Lo' Sweater...

...times is rough, and tough like leather!..." Raekwon This piece is surs bit'ness. I found this on the eBay come up and battled HARD for this one. just one of the ones I like back in the day, but missed the boat on!

THE LO' DOWN - is where we showcase the classic POLO sh*t and we respect it as a badge of honor! if you care to share, send your pics, and if we post, I'll return the love and send some swag

Today's Kick Picks-CLAE® Romare Hi/RUN ATHLETICS®68 Hoodiez

This shoe is so buttery slick!Reminiscent of the Slick Rick suede Bally boots, The Clae® Romare Hi is a definite shoe in for that Fall season No Sneaks, Jeans event that ya just hate! I ran the Clae Parker Lo last spring, but the Hi's will definitely get it this Fall. They come in some mean colorways too! Bust 3 then flee!

Oh Word!?!? Run Athletics???Yessir! Rev. Run nailed it with these, B...yeah I said it! Aaand I'm coppin' em at the drop, They mighta got a little carried away with the colorway but hey, These over them Cafe Bustelo Supra's any day....I'ma find a outfit to work around these joints thats sooo mean, you wont front on 'em! It's a collab with Adult Swim's, the Boondocks™, producer and illustrator Carl Jones. Jones' toy series, The Hoodiez® is a collection of vinyl figures with colors to match these kicks. RUN ATHLETICS®

Thursday, September 11, 2008


I remember it like it was yesterday, because before this day, I never was a big fan of POLO.
I'm headed to BK to go to the now defunct Albee Square Mall. A lotta cats would put their orders for gear in with me, 'cause most Jersey Shore cats would only know midtown Manhattan and way too shook to go to BK. Once I got off the train @ DeKalb, I walk upstairs, got to the street, and there they were...a crew of about 20 cats, all wearing this same shirt. The first thing that got me, was that it was early 1991, and these dudes were ahead of curve with the 1992 joint. 2nd thing was that they all had brand new matching kicks on too. Compelled to know where they copped, I asked one of the brothas where'd they get them. He told me they came up on like a truck load, and then asked if I wanted one. Ha! If you got XXL, I'm wit' it! Dude coulda charged $200.00, and it woulda been all good wit me, but reached in his backpack and he gave it to me for $25. When I came back home, I wore it to a party that night (this could not wait!). Cats just spazzed the f*ck out, and my Lo' addiction started.
I still like some of the new POLO stuff (minus that Big Pony), but not like the golden era. The colors, the concepts, the quality - all were top notch. Thats why you see Lo' heads pullin' out sh*t from the early 90's and still looks crispy and up to date. Nowadays, theres so many other brands out there that are exceptional, its difficult to stay loyal to just one, but none match that 1992 sh*t. It's the most jacked style to date.


Word is Bawn! yallreadyknowwhatitiz, when you miss that boat on a pair a kicks, just because when it was released, ya' money was funny? OR you just thought it would be around for a minute? then, you're ready to cop and everywhere you look for it it's "we only have that in a size 7". Sound familiar? Well these are just one of those pairs that I missed out on, and I look forward to NIKE re-releasing it. Lemme know what kicks you missed out on, and ya' never know with this internet. Somebody may have it to trade or sell.
A young lady in Finland had a pair of Air Terra Humaras (My 2nd favorite shoe) that I couldnt find anywhere. I had a Levi jacket that she wanted that wasn't half as valuable as the brand new kicks. Before I even sent the jacket, she sent those kicks in three days and left a note saying that she knew I loved sneakers and that I didn't have to send the jacket, just pass on the love. Now if she were here in the states, I'd smash just on the strength of lookin' out for a cat. But for the kind gesture, I sent the used jacket and a new one just like it. While the jacket was no comparison to what she gave, I do believe in karma, so I'll do the same for one of yall. Which clothes or pair of kicks is a MUST OWN for you?

COUNT of L.E.P.-10 Take Down Commandments

These days I don't f*ck with much new Hip Hop, but since I've moved to the 'go, I been checkin' the scene out here. These L.E.P. cats stand out, hardbody! and that dude Count goes in on 'em!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Today's Kick Picks- Nike ACG Blazer

OH word!?!? The NIKE Blazer was once one of my favorite shoes, up until the hipster factions recently claimed ownership of it. These ACG's are the remedy for that. The RoughRugged&Raw look of these joints take the Lime and the Coconut out of it completely, thus making these FIRESTARTERS fa' sho! and waterproof!? c'mon, B! I'll be splashing these black/yellow GoreTex joints with my Steelers jersey at your nearest ESPNZone! Word to Franco Harris!


Now this piece right here, is serious business! This is one of those RL accessories that if you wore it today, cats on the street will stand at attention and salute you(ll). Just as the early 90's were considered the golden years for Hip Hop, that rang true for POLO as well. Don't be suprised if you start seeing RL try to re-release all the stuff from those years in the near future. THE LO' DOWN - is where we showcase the classic POLO sh*t and we respect it as a badge of honor! if you care to share, send your pics, and if we post, I'll return the love and send some swag

Monday, September 8, 2008


Joell Ortiz - "Memories" from Three/21 Films on Vimeo.Yo, "remember that feelin' yall, when you wanted to push the rewind button 'cause what a nigga say is hot!?!?" Joell shuts it down every time!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Today's Kick Picks-adendum- TIMBERLAND x XLARGE-WHEAT-lug bottom moccasin

I keeps a pair of the burgundy joints like these in my arsenal, cause they are definitely ill, but unlike most Tims, these Mocs are definitely NOT waterproof and the leather lining inside will turn your socks yellow fa' sho! The Tim/XLarge collabo is a definite cop tho!


NIKE's a lil late on this one...being that it's all white, cotton, and the summer's just about over. But the simple white with the black bottom, makes this one FIRESTARTERS! and you may be able to catch these on sale in a couple months! so you can splash 'em in summer '09


In the fashion game, theres only a few cats that push the boundaries so far, that you can't imitate. Yall know what I'm talking about, some style that if anybody else would attempt copy, it would just look like hot gahbij! Ghost is that dude. The crazy jewelry(with the eagle armpiece alone, he stays winnin'), the robes, the Kangols, and the Clark Wallabees. I've seen cats do all three of these things separately before Ghost did it, but the Wally Champ combined all of them and styled on ya'. Even wearin' this crazy stuff, he never seems like a buffoon. It's almost like he's supposed to have this sh*t on. He's one of my top 5 MC's, and probably one of the most entertaining dudes out there.

Mighty Healthy

The World According to Pretty Toney
STYLE DONS-is a section of this blog where we recognize people that changed the game of fashion or basically know just how to SPLASH on cats! (ll) I'll be adding these from time to time.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Today's Kick Picks-adendum- Nike Air Burst -Grey/Volt

This one is straight FIRESTARTER---I'm on a hunt for these today! Chi-town, lemme know somethin'!


Dana Dane was that dude when it came to puttin' it on, on the dressier side. This Brooklyn cat came wit the sharkskin suits, with the tapered leg, the Furgora Kangol Cap and the suede Bally boots and argyle socks. Back in the day, when you had to go to a "no sneaker, no jeans" function, you wanted to go for the Dana Dane look, 'cause dressy, but it was still Hip Hop straight BK style!STYLE DONS-is a section of this blog where we recognize people that changed the game of fashion or basically know just how to SPLASH on cats! (ll) I'll be adding these from time to time.