Sunday, October 19, 2008

Just a thought.

THE MASH OUT-LDRS 1354 X NIKE Dunk Hi- Happy Halloweeny, Beyotches!

"...Word Is Bawn,
Whenever you're in Chicago, make it your business to stop by one of the Leaders 1354 shops just up the skreet from me, in Bronzeville (Sowfside stand up!) and Wicker Park. Vic, Mike and the rest of the staff were real cool about putting me onto the Hip Hop scene when I first got to the Chi. Also be sure to check their daily blog, where they give up to the minutes notices on new sh*t, as soon as it enters their stockroom. They also have a segment, WDTyWT, where the homie Ty, straight styles on cats daily, mashing out exclusive pieces and things that are available in the store.This exclusive, festive Ltd. Edition New Era cap is on some straight Halloween/Autumn/Sweet Pota-ta pie sheet, fa' reala! LDRS New Era fitted game is the official issue, Word Is Bawn!Then you style on 'em with the Holiday dunks!?!? cop 2, B!

THE LO' DOWN- Ralph Lauren X LeBron James Ltd. Edition B-Ball

This limited edition basketball (300 pcs.) is hand signed by LeBron James and sells for $1000 at 100% of net proceeds will benefit the LeBron James Family Foundation which seeks to inspire children to be physically fit, academically focused and environmentally aware, and to empower single-parent families to succeed.

Why not style on 'em and mash out with the Black and Purp 90's, B!?!?BTW - Whenever you order anything from, ALWAYS go with the complimentary gift boxes, even if the gift is for you. The boxes are top notch!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

THE LO' DOWN- 1992 POLO STADIUM JACKET-Marathon Stylin' on ya!

The past weekend was the Chicago Marathon, and that was definitely cool to check out. I think it was the last warm day of the year here in the Chi, so I definitely had to get outta the house! What better way to rep the marathon, 'cuz I damn sure wasn't runnin', than to pull the POLO Stadium Jacket outta the archives. The crazy part about it, was that quite a few people asked about it and one guy wanted to buy it off my back....crazy!Yo! I had NO idea that the runners that are in the lead were running that fast! B, Its like they're sprinting for 26.2 miles! Bigups to Kenya's Evans Cheruiyot, who reigned victorious over fellow countryman David Mandago, and winning the race and 2 hours, 6 minutes and 25 seconds, and caking off lovely with $100K...Word Is Bawn!

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Nike may have officially gone Daddy Yahnky on us with these new kicks. Coming from two separate projects, these two kicks may be the first sneaker to acknowledge Alaska as one of the United States.artwork courtesy of VEEThis Eskimo inspired Nike Terminator Hi Womens, is definitely for that Sarah Palin supporter, Fa' sho!
"...Rolex and bracelets is frostbit;
rings too,
N*ggaz 'round the way call me Igloo Stix!..."

These SB Dunks are from the Nike Winter Animal Pack. I call these the Igloo Stix!

Word is Bawn!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Today's Kick Picks- Nike SB Dunk-Spidermanz 'n nem!

Aiight, Dunk Heads, get on ya' grizzly. You know i'm gonna try to go in on all three of these. The one on the top of the list is the SB Dunk Spidey. I got way too many IT's to match up with these joint it's ridixnix! They'll be releasing these in December, just in time for the holidays...these will def be a gift to Dirty Jerz from Dirty Jerz!
Imperial Cow Tipping, B!Some of yall cats only go for the regular dunk Hi's and Nike's bangin' em out next month! Howz about these, B... the Stormtroopers!?!?! Cmon, B...and the basic colors are a must have in the arsenal. I gots to cop, to add to my Star Wars joints...
and you know you cant front on the Dark Knight!Just straight Charcoal suede, with just a touch of the utility belt gold!?!?These SB Dunks are set to release in December as well...I gotta get a second gig of sumthin'!
courtesy of my man Maze at Kix And The City

Thursday, October 9, 2008


"Yo, who the f*ck said surf & turf can only consist of steak and shellfish?"

I was put onto this epicurean delicacy of colossal proportions by way of the homie and respected blogger, Dallas Penn, of the iNTERNETS CELEBRITIES, creators of the Ghetto Big Mac™ and the Futuristic Brunch™...Chea! It was first introduced to the internets by way of
an impromtu street interview last week with a fellow blogger, and immediately the sammich was christened The Ghetto Surf & Turf, by the L.I.'s infamous 40 Diesel, of Mighty
. Upon watching the video, and being challenged by the stunning and illustrious
Marvelous Mo, I was compelled to get at McDilzNilz's and try this toothsome piece of
goodness....Check da joint, righ' --->
  • 1 Double Cheeseburger
  • 1 Small Fry
  • 1 Filet-O-Fish - Minus the tartar

  • Boom! - take the top part of bun from Filet-O-Fish, and the bottom part of bun
    of DCB off and discard or place back in DCB wrapper and offer a friend a light-in-the-ass
    hot air sammich.
  • Numero Dos - lace the top of Filet-O-Fish with a layer of fries.

  • da' Third - Slap that burger on top of the layer of fries, and...

  • Forff - Viola!! The GHETTO SURF & TURF™

I've since tried different variations of this sammich, and this one seems to be FIRESTARTERS, fa' sho'!! Applying any additional sauces like tartar or special sauce, is considered a diabolical, flagrant foul, and will result in the heinous demise of your gutpiece!

Word. Is. Bawn!


Yesterday, I recieved the usual 4:00 call from the mailman, telling me he has a package and I have to come downstairs and sign for it. I do most of my shopping, trading, and selling via the internet, so this daily phone call is nothing out of the ordinary. Yet and still, I'm always excited when I get packages in the mail. As a kid, I used to just order all types of stupid sh*t just to be gettin' mail like grown folks! Anyway, yesterdays package was a far from the usual. It was from my baby brother, USMC Lance Cpl. Telley Vestal, who is fresh outta his 2nd tour in Iraq, and currently stationed in Hawaii, holding me, and the rest of the free world the f*ck down. F*ck going back upstairs to open this package, this one can't wait.
This is from my little brother. This is the one out of my 4 brothers, was the one that was born when we were all teens. This was the one that we faught over who was gonna hold him first, coddled and overprotected and basically never really wanted to see the day when this cat officially grew up. Our parents assigned us the job of looking after Telley and keeping him out of harms way, and we loved our job. So him telling us that he was enlisting into the Marine Corps, was like getting downsized from a job, but walking away with a serious severence package. The package is watching this boy grow from baby to man, and him announcing his joining the marines at a Thanksgiving dinner was like witnessing him step into grown-manhood right before my eyes. My Brothers and I were hurt, the 9/11 tragedy fresh in everyones mind and all, but we knew that was some grown man business that you just don't f*ck with. Our job was done.

Not having a knife, sissors, or the infamous crackhead stylee ball point pen, I wrastled with that damn indestructable Priorty Mail tape like I was in the WWF Smackdown...but, Hulk Hogan wins, and I, am him. I shoulda waited. I shoulda waited until I got upstairs to the safety of my apartment to open this package. I knew from looking at the return address, that the contents of the package would bring me to tears. A box of garbage would've been all good from this dude. But this, my friends, was no box of garbage. My lil' bro knows that I love to style on cats, and it's the lil things that set you apart. He knows that I rock Camouflage, but not in excess. Just the jacket or just the cargo pants, or just the shorts. Anything more'll have you lookin' crazy! Telley sent me the official issue, digital camouflage dopp bag, with the hanging folding toiletry kit, complete with soldier body wipes, for that outta town smashdown!...FIRESTARTERS!

Lance Corporal Vestal, you, my brother, are golden and I love you. You caught me off guard and the gift was top notch, B! And Word Is Bawn! I wanna fight you for real for making your big brother cry like that in front of my neighbors..HA! I know Ultramagnetic is ya favorite, so here you go ked!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


With soooo many bootleg variations of this shoe, coupled with seeing some cornball musclehead football dude wearing them in Dancing With The Stars,and those god awful AFJ Fusions,The Nike Air Force 1 is pretty much a done deal with me. Nike doesnt help the situation with dumb colorways, 1000 different exclusives, and depending on the color, $65.00-$175.00 in any store. Needless to say, when I relocated and sold my collection, the AF1 stash was the first to go.

Since I am a graffiti head, and I fux with Krink markers heavy, this collabo with Nike is one that I think is hot and I may consider copping. With the trademark metallic paint drips, this shoe is definitely one to cop!

Today's Kick Picks- New Balance 580's

These joints are a Japan exclusive from the homie, Joe, on the official trade! good looks, B. The colorway is plum/lemon/red/linen. I never sported 580's, but these are good money! With the crazy colors, I can't say for sure what I would splash 'em with, but I'll find somthing. Maybe stiff Levi's w/a red Champion hoody.


Friday, October 3, 2008

SECURITY!!!!!! - Lil' Fame

Security (prod. Fizzy Womack / mixed by Statik Selektah) - Lil Fame
This is one of my favorite new joints that I bump in the car. Lil Fame aka Fizzy Womack from the hardbody BK duo M.O.P., tears this one down in the usual Mash Out Posse fashion. While I don't advocate violence, if you're gonna stole somebody's jaw peice, this, my friends, is the soundtrack to make it a success.

Cafe Bustelo- Nike Air Challenge---Hybrid!?!?!?

Anyone that follows this blog knows that I was waiting for Nike to bring the Air Tech Challenge III to drop. Its one of my most sought after shoes to cop, at full price even...but nooooooo! They go and try to combine I, II, and III to make this monstrosity, that does all three models injustice. This one will wait until its at the Nike outlet, in a box with no lid, or at A.J. Wright, with a plastic tie holding the pair together. I still wait impatiently for the real sh*t....

I MUST OWN THIS! - Sneaker Box Ottoman

...or at least I should own this, It's a lil too, no, a lot too pricey for the kid. But damn if it ain't FIRESTARTERS!This ottoman thats covered with a crazy assortment of sneakerboxes is one of them joints that any sneakerhead would love. Once I saw it, I started to think of legit reasons of why I really NEED to have it. But common sense prevails...DAMMIT! and of course the fact that if my girl saw this purchase on the credit card bill, me and my ottoman would be on the curb. This piece of furniture would be so sexy in my 2nd bedroom/makeshift walk-in closet. At $658.00US, this can be shipped from Japan at APPLEBUM free shipping!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Word is Bawn!, I hear the VH1 Hip Hop Honors 2008 is honoring one of my favorite rap groups, NJ's own, Naughty by Nature. O.P.P., Uptown Anthem, Everything's Gonna be Alright, Feel Me Flow...all that! Todays hottest rappers included, not many can match their energy and stage presence, and these cats STILL bring it, everytime. Come on stage after Naughty and you're ill prepared? You lost!
Not only did these cats run the rap game, they were pioneers in the fashion game as one of the first to have a legit clothing company, Naughty Gear™, with a flagship store in Brick City. The store is no longer there, but the gear is still 3X, so you know I'm coppin' that Champion Embroidered Reverse Weave hoody!@ $80...the ultimate in sweatshirts(them joints last forEVER!) and the T's at $15 each? dont even front on that, B. I'll murder 'em with these here Adidas ZX9000 to match!


Going through the archives, trying to put the summer stuff to the rear of the closet and bring out the fall wears, I came across this piece. I can no longer fit it, but dammit I'm keepin' it just for the memories!...Once again, Ralph's best year and one of Macy's worst!...we had a team of girls from the neighborhood that would take Lo' and Tommy orders, run through to mall and comeback with the flyest sh*t on the cheap! and we would hit the club with LAYERS of POLO! crazy days..

THE MASH OUT- Vintage Polo X Adidas Major ZX600

Word is Bawn! Adidas is really coming with it these days! I think that Burnt Orange/Brown/Lt.Olive is my colorway for the Fall. The earth colors make this shoe a lil more grown up, but the orange & the digital camo give 'em just enough flash to make 'em FIRESTARTERS!! Adidas teamed up with the Washington, DC sneaker spot, Major®, produce this hot ZX shoe. They put the icing on it with the matching New Era fitted. I would definitely pull out a mean Lo' rugby to splash with these. Maybe a tan bubble vest or Army Jacket...any more brown and I would look way too UPS! I have a lot of Adidas joints to showcase in the near future...keep posted!

Sunday, September 28, 2008


Ha! I wanted to give these kicks the proper respect, so I had to go in and learn how to type the "Ü" symbol before wrote this. These joints are FIRESTARTERS fa' sho! Adidas teamed up with Crooked Tongues to create these luxurious lookin' neck breakers created to commemorate the German Oktoberfest. The colorway is Sand / Light Scarlet / Expresso / Chalk and so fedora & lederhosen! Available @ the Crooked Tongue® website. So I had to cop. With only 300 pairs available @ 88.00 I had to cop these from the UK.

Today's Kick Picks-NIKE SB DUNK - BOBA FETT

These right here will get you on your Star Wars bounty hunter sh*t right quick. What more can you say about 'em...they come in the bossy ass Boba Fett colorway. These are a must have in your arsenal. Soon to drop at Premium SB accounts, meaning you'll more than likely have to stand in a long ass line to cop.

Cafe Bustelo- YAHOO! x PONY (WTF?)

Welcome to Cafe Bustelo, where we showcase gear that is straight hot gahbij...on sight makes you yell, "what the f*ck is that?". This Yahoo! and Pony collab is just utterly trash. From the giddy up, Pony always made horrible kicks. This monstrosity is part of Yahoo's Celebrate Purple campaign, a campaign that Yahoo recently began which urges the public to celebrate the color Purple for it's energy and Limited Edition at $54.00, you better act fast...Ha!