Friday, October 3, 2008

Cafe Bustelo- Nike Air Challenge---Hybrid!?!?!?

Anyone that follows this blog knows that I was waiting for Nike to bring the Air Tech Challenge III to drop. Its one of my most sought after shoes to cop, at full price even...but nooooooo! They go and try to combine I, II, and III to make this monstrosity, that does all three models injustice. This one will wait until its at the Nike outlet, in a box with no lid, or at A.J. Wright, with a plastic tie holding the pair together. I still wait impatiently for the real sh*t....


Dallas said...

The Tech III's are a s;lept on classic.

I had the black and fuschia joints and two pairs of the all whites with the rainbow brite heel.

Damn I love these shoes.

I will copp the hybrids too even though I agree with you that it is a bastardization of the OG joints.

Nu Jerooz said...

Oh, fa' sho! I'm coppin' these, they just gotta be on sale!