Thursday, October 9, 2008


Yesterday, I recieved the usual 4:00 call from the mailman, telling me he has a package and I have to come downstairs and sign for it. I do most of my shopping, trading, and selling via the internet, so this daily phone call is nothing out of the ordinary. Yet and still, I'm always excited when I get packages in the mail. As a kid, I used to just order all types of stupid sh*t just to be gettin' mail like grown folks! Anyway, yesterdays package was a far from the usual. It was from my baby brother, USMC Lance Cpl. Telley Vestal, who is fresh outta his 2nd tour in Iraq, and currently stationed in Hawaii, holding me, and the rest of the free world the f*ck down. F*ck going back upstairs to open this package, this one can't wait.
This is from my little brother. This is the one out of my 4 brothers, was the one that was born when we were all teens. This was the one that we faught over who was gonna hold him first, coddled and overprotected and basically never really wanted to see the day when this cat officially grew up. Our parents assigned us the job of looking after Telley and keeping him out of harms way, and we loved our job. So him telling us that he was enlisting into the Marine Corps, was like getting downsized from a job, but walking away with a serious severence package. The package is watching this boy grow from baby to man, and him announcing his joining the marines at a Thanksgiving dinner was like witnessing him step into grown-manhood right before my eyes. My Brothers and I were hurt, the 9/11 tragedy fresh in everyones mind and all, but we knew that was some grown man business that you just don't f*ck with. Our job was done.

Not having a knife, sissors, or the infamous crackhead stylee ball point pen, I wrastled with that damn indestructable Priorty Mail tape like I was in the WWF Smackdown...but, Hulk Hogan wins, and I, am him. I shoulda waited. I shoulda waited until I got upstairs to the safety of my apartment to open this package. I knew from looking at the return address, that the contents of the package would bring me to tears. A box of garbage would've been all good from this dude. But this, my friends, was no box of garbage. My lil' bro knows that I love to style on cats, and it's the lil things that set you apart. He knows that I rock Camouflage, but not in excess. Just the jacket or just the cargo pants, or just the shorts. Anything more'll have you lookin' crazy! Telley sent me the official issue, digital camouflage dopp bag, with the hanging folding toiletry kit, complete with soldier body wipes, for that outta town smashdown!...FIRESTARTERS!

Lance Corporal Vestal, you, my brother, are golden and I love you. You caught me off guard and the gift was top notch, B! And Word Is Bawn! I wanna fight you for real for making your big brother cry like that in front of my neighbors..HA! I know Ultramagnetic is ya favorite, so here you go ked!

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