Wednesday, October 1, 2008

THE MASH OUT- Vintage Polo X Adidas Major ZX600

Word is Bawn! Adidas is really coming with it these days! I think that Burnt Orange/Brown/Lt.Olive is my colorway for the Fall. The earth colors make this shoe a lil more grown up, but the orange & the digital camo give 'em just enough flash to make 'em FIRESTARTERS!! Adidas teamed up with the Washington, DC sneaker spot, Major®, produce this hot ZX shoe. They put the icing on it with the matching New Era fitted. I would definitely pull out a mean Lo' rugby to splash with these. Maybe a tan bubble vest or Army Jacket...any more brown and I would look way too UPS! I have a lot of Adidas joints to showcase in the near future...keep posted!

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The Incomparable Shakespeare said...

who knew they dropped that rugby in red? I have the orange one, and peeped the blue, but never saw the red....official