Saturday, October 11, 2008

Today's Kick Picks- Nike SB Dunk-Spidermanz 'n nem!

Aiight, Dunk Heads, get on ya' grizzly. You know i'm gonna try to go in on all three of these. The one on the top of the list is the SB Dunk Spidey. I got way too many IT's to match up with these joint it's ridixnix! They'll be releasing these in December, just in time for the holidays...these will def be a gift to Dirty Jerz from Dirty Jerz!
Imperial Cow Tipping, B!Some of yall cats only go for the regular dunk Hi's and Nike's bangin' em out next month! Howz about these, B... the Stormtroopers!?!?! Cmon, B...and the basic colors are a must have in the arsenal. I gots to cop, to add to my Star Wars joints...
and you know you cant front on the Dark Knight!Just straight Charcoal suede, with just a touch of the utility belt gold!?!?These SB Dunks are set to release in December as well...I gotta get a second gig of sumthin'!
courtesy of my man Maze at Kix And The City

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