Monday, September 1, 2008

RETAIL 101....

I know I'm gonna show my age with this one, but f*ck it! Coming up in Hip Hop's PRE-golden era, going to NYC wasn't hardly as safe and Disney as it is now. Coming from the Jersey Shore, me and my crew's bi-weekly payday trips to NYC to get gear and records was REALLY like going for the coke RE-up. You had to be smart, daring, street savvy, and at the same time blend in and keep a low profile. If Bronx, Brooklyn, or Harlem dudes knew you were from NJ!?!?!?fuggedaboutit!We would start in the Bronx and work our way down. We would hit Brad's Record Den, Jew Man, 1-2-5, Fulton, Delancey & Orchard, Time Square, Rock & Soul records, then work our way back to Penn that order. Making it back to Penn Station, drunk on 40's, with arms full of bags, and back on the North Jersey Coast Local, unscathed, was the challenge. But the way we would be stylin' on cats back home would make it well worth the twice a month trip.
Nowadays, things are much different and the game has changed dramatically. The challenges that we faced in sneaker hunting and shopping for fresh gear are no longer there. You can find fresh gear everywhere. In the suburbs, the mall, and even more conveniently, the internet. Now that the danger and excitement is taken out of it, companies have gone on to make limited edition sneakers and clothing in very small batches, so if you're willing to stand on line like a bozo for 2 days, then HOPE you get the Willy Wonka golden ticket privledge to buy a $500.00 pair of kicks. And then, that same cornball cat that stood on line for 2 days is now looking at you, like your sneaker game aint on point. HAHA! just because you have some exclusive shit does not make you fresh. It just means you were idiot enough to stand on line for 48 hours in a lawn chair, in the dead of winter. In the immortal words of Pete Rock, "Exclusive shit, it really holds no weight".

I still love the game today, but this is just part of what compelled me to start this blog. The fashion game retailers, and nerd ass patrons that support them. Yall know who I'm talkin' about...that guy that refuses to get off the iMac and come from behind the counter and assist customers, establish rapport, introduce new products instead of sitting in front of computer, pretending he's managing all this stock, but is really checking MySpace or FaceBook. Ask him if they have ANY of the kicks on the wall in your size the answer is usually no. And heaven help you if you ask him one question about the quickstrike they sold out of a week ago, that they still have posted on their website - in sizes! They'll look at you like you have 3 heads. Need some names? sure. the Hundreds, DQM, Training Camp, Clientele, and ALIFE. And I'll list more in future postings. I list these names because I've shopped at each of these stores on 2 or more occasions and while they have the hot sh*t, their customer service is in the basement. TheHUNDREDS even created a video telling you, the consumer, How To Suck At Shopping. and other retailers have co-signed this video and posted it on their website. Don't get me wrong, I like the Hundreds brand and their products, but I didn't know there was a rule saying that you can't touch merchandise thats on the sales floor.
Even if the customer ends up buying nothing today, establishing loyal customers is something that a store owner and it's employees is SUPPOSED to do, but these stores are simply not doing anymore. Assume that every person that you buzz into that door is a potential customer and even though he may walk out with no bags, depending on how you answer him when he asks if you have his size he'll more than likely come back. But if a customer asks you a question about your merchandise and your response is less than cordial, trust me, he'll NEVER return. Clothing company owners, do plenty of trunk shows...get to know the customer and vice versa. These new boutique retailers dont care to establish a loyal customers, just the money, so don't cut out the middle man(retailers), just step on his toes. MAKE your customer demand your brand.


Dallas said...

Jew Man?!? What the fuck you know about Jew Man?

Tell me what train stop that was and I will mail you some free swag [ll].

Nu Jerooz said...

HaHa!...first off, thanx DP for being the first to comment on my new blog, I'm honored.

Now lets get to the official business at hand...The 2 or the 5 and get off at either Simpson or depending how many hard rocks was there we would get off at Freeman and get ta' walkin'.