Saturday, September 6, 2008

Today's Kick Picks-adendum- TIMBERLAND x XLARGE-WHEAT-lug bottom moccasin

I keeps a pair of the burgundy joints like these in my arsenal, cause they are definitely ill, but unlike most Tims, these Mocs are definitely NOT waterproof and the leather lining inside will turn your socks yellow fa' sho! The Tim/XLarge collabo is a definite cop tho!


Dallas said...

I got the classic hi top mocs with the green goretex upper.

Timberland wheat boots are the most hip-hop shoe of all time

Nu Jerooz said...

Yo, I havent seen the the GoreTex joints in a minute!

I will concur with the Timberland wheats- ya' gotta have at least one pair in your arsenal!

nattiez said...

Brothers. i got the Tim "Bucks" and the "Street Chucka" -shitty name though- in wheat and i must have a pair of wheats at all times. If you get mashed in the street though, your day is done. i take my shits off once in the house and they stay with a fresh spray of protector. I have the Brown three hole boats lug bottoms from the outlet in ATL. i have to cop the Wheat three holes.

nattiez said...

there is nothing better for the fall colors-browns, maroons, greys- than a fresh clean pair of wheat color joints. they can class up anything.