Tuesday, August 4, 2009

i AM the come-up KING!

Me and my homies stay challenging each other on our sneaker come-up skills. Everytime we put forth a challenge, we'll set up different rules. Last weekend was the "under 21" competition: 3 stores, you have to find something under $21.00, and it has to be your size and something you'd rock. Our first stop was Nordstrom Rack. Now as usual, NR is known for having some ill kicks but under 21? Not so much. Although they're not my first choice, I keeps a few pairs of Chucks on deck, for them days i'm chillin at the beach (yes NJ, Chicago has a beach!). I didn't think I would find anything here until on my way out I spotted these. Nice!My homie, Dre found nothing at Nordstrom, so this gives me one up on 'em....I found some other kicks at nice prices, but not under 21, I'll put those up in another post.
Next stop, Marshalls! we got to Marshalls and they definitely had some 'Lo heat, so I picked up a couple I.T.'s and then stepped to the shoe dept. to get to the official business. Suprisingly, they had quite a few nice kicks in the building: adidas Oregon's, Dunks, all types of dope stuff, but nothing @ the right price for me to win, so I paid for the I.T.'s and bounced...off to AJWright. I KNOW I'ma find something there.

You know when you go to AJ Wright or Ross, you have to look over the entire shoe dept. and not just section with your size. The employees there just don't give a cot damn about order, so I go straight to the size six and work my way up, 'cause you never know. Sure enough, soon as I walk in, I spot these size 12's in the size 8 section. Nice shoe, old school look to mash up with my vintage 'Lo, I take a look inside the shoe at the price.....$14.00. $14.00?!?!?!? GTFOH!! COPPED. Of course that was the only pair, and nothing else better, otherwise, I woulda doubled up. I win. Dre, you lose with them Reeboks. I am the come-up king, B!!


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