Thursday, July 30, 2009

Today's Kick Pick - STÜSSY x PRO KEDS

Growing up on the Jersey Shore, you absolutely HAD to be into skateboarding and the lifestyle. There were skateboard and surf shops everywhere, so at some point, you had no choice but to embrace some part of it. I always took the train to NY for my hip hop game, but I loved the way skateboard companies like Ocean Pacific, Vans and Stussy put it on. Mixing and matching was my crews thing, and we would stay stuntin' on cats. Nowadays, I dont fux with skateboarding, but every now and then, I'll catch an item that I'll have to cop for the books. These STÜSSY X PRO KEDS collabo's are definitely firestarters! that I caught in San Diego a few years back. I'm still looking to find the other two colorways to complete the set, so if you see 'em, get @ me!

I caught this STUSSY x JAM HOME MADE wallet chain last year from my Hong Kong connect. I took a couple links out and made it into a bracelet that murders 'em every time, B!

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