Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Protect Ya' Kicks-Vol.II - SWIMS™

From past posts, you know how I am with protecting my joints. This product is a new addition to the upkeep of your kicks. Boom! Lets say you wake up one sunny morning to go to work, and decide dress your freshest, (on some casual Friday type sh*t), and to finish your mash out, you put on your exclusive suede or nubuck Dunks. You get to work, everything is cool, and since you are lookin' on point, you decide, like Fred Flintstone, once Mr. Slate sounds the horn, and you slide off the dinosaur's back, you'll be sliding into the local happy hour. What you didn't factor into the equation, is that you missed Al Roker's forecast this morning that there will be late afternoon April showers, and by the time you clock out and downstairs to the lobby, the showers are on full tilt. And you got on the nuevo suede Dunks. Damn.

Worry not, if you have this product. My friend at the Norwegian company, SWIMS®, have taken clunky grandpa galoshes and elevated them to the next level. I own two pairs of these, so I know...you will stay winning with a pair of the classics or for the snow, go with the Mobster. They come in flavors so you can actually style on 'em! You HAVE to keep a pair in your backpack or in the bottom drawer of the office desk, just as you would an umbrella. Speaking of which, SWIMS' umbrella game is official issue too! With the auto-up/auto-down button!?!? c'mon, B! Peep how functional that is, coming in from the rain and trying close an umbrella with one hand without getting soaked.
Hey Ladies!! SWIMS™ did not leave you out of the game either. With these joints, they got your shoe game covered with the Classic™ for the sneakers, the City Slipper™ for the pumps, and they'll be dropping these joints for the boot and half-boot in a minute! I peeped the bottom of the City Slippers, and it has a map of either NYC on one, and Paris on the other...how fly is that!?!?

So get your shoe game covered and cop a pair @ Sak's or go to swims.com and tell 'em DirtyJerz sent ya'!You hunted all winter and copped kicks with your hard earned money....may as well protect your investments!


Vee (Scratch) said...

"You HAVE to keep a pair in your backpack or in the bottom drawer of the office desk,"THANKS! I need to cop these!

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