Monday, April 6, 2009

Back In The Lab, B!!!

Just closing up my born day weekend, so its only right to start something on my new year. Its been a minute since I've done anything on this blog, but it was definitely a much needed break. Trying to write some goodness on a daily and make it readable is definitely no joke. I've been on my grizzly, tryna get my business right and family matters in order. As some of you know, I've been in the lab, working on the apparel archiving system and things are turning out nicely. I'll be keeping you posted on that as well...Patent is definitely pending...Word. Is. Bawn.

2009 is looking lovely thus far, and I'm gonna have sooo many things poppin' on this blog. I will definitely keep up the usual suspects, "the Lo' Down", the "Mash-Out", and "Word Is Bawn", but I will be adding many new segments, interviews, schwag-giveaways, etc. I copped a new Nikon and a HD camcorder, so at some point, DirtyJerz will go to video. I'm meeting so many interesting people in the Chi that it's only right that I visually document my travels.Also, during those 6 months, I've gone in for the win with shopping more than a little bit . My come-up game is even crazier these days, and I've found wild discounts on kicks and 'Lo all over the city that I'll be puttin' you up on. Next mission: Find a come-up on an iPhone or Blackberry.

Although I've been on a 6 month hiatus on blogging, I stays on the internets. I gotta give it up to cats that write the realest sh*t on the internets. My Google Reader is up to 60 blogs, that I follow daily. If I put a comment on your blog, you ARE that dude, or that chick, B! I'm also getting my twit-game correct, so check me on that- NuJerooz

Great to be back at it tho'!

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