Tuesday, May 26, 2009

THE LO' DOWN - Blue Label for the summer!

Ralph is definitely official this summer with that Blue Label. But a buck 50 for a shirt? I had to wait until 'Lo.com marked this joint down, and I found a free shipping coupon code, so I finally went ahead and copped today. Next Monday can't get here fast enough!
I also copped the matching cap, FTW! not sure if I have any kicks for this to splash with this...any suggestions?$200.00 left in the budget to play with, so I went ahead and copped this one.I think I'll mash this one out with the Clydes I've had on ice for about six years. The Clydes that are out now are shaped funny, so I look forward murdering Chicago with these. With $150.00 left, getting on the #4 and heading to the Nike Factory Store sounds lovely right about now, B!


dp said...

The return of the hardbody nautical motifs has me going crazy.

I need to swallow a tapeworm to fit these 2X's though (Lord forgive me for copping that 1X joint because it was $30 at Lord & Taylor)

Don't try to match your kicks too crazy. Let the knits be the superstar IT's they were meant to be

DirtyJerz said...

Thats good advice DP...To a fault, my OCD kicks in when i'm buyin casual gear and it ends up being too matchy on Garanimal sh*t!Ha!